Take a short quiz

What are your pressure points?
Do you feel guilty (or stressed) over preparing meals for you and your family? Take this short quiz.
  1. Have you been eating cereal or crackers & cheese for dinner?
  2. Do you worry about giving your kids chicken nuggets or other processed food a little too often?
  3. Have you been throwing away vegetables that have spoiled in the fridge you didn’t have time to cook?
  4. Do you not have the time to make yourself or your family healthy, nutritious meals?
  5. Do you feel that you are not exposing your children to a wider variety of healthy, non processed foods?
  6. Could you be eating healthier?
  7. Have you been eating out more often than you’d like?
  8. Do you feel as if you don’t have the time to cook?
If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you should hire Cuisine by Darlene and stock your fridge and freezer with custom prepared meals. You’ll relieve your stress, lower your cholesterol and not feel guilty!  -problem solved.