Why Have a Personal Chef

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What is a personal chef?

A personal chef is a chef who is hired by different clients and prepares multiple custom meals in the client’s home kitchens, based on their specific tastes, special diet and eating preferences and/or goals. The menu is created by the chef and approved by the client. On the scheduled cook date, your personal chef shops for groceries, arrives at your home, and prepares several entrees with side-dishes. A personal chef takes the stress out of mealtime.

Who needs a personal chef?

Real life examples of people who hire Cuisine by Darlene:

  • A recently widowed business owner with diabetes who needed to loose weight & become healthier. He has!
  • A mom who is caring for her elderly parent and wants to do other things with her time versus cooking. Together, we’ve developed healthy menus that appeal to her teenager.
  • A family of five, where I’ve been cooking for the dual career parents so they can enjoy vegetarian oriented meals suited just to their tastes. I’ve been cooking for them for 10 years.
  • A family of 3, with a new baby and the mother is going back to work. Even though she loves cooking, she enjoys a break.
  • A couple, where the bodybuilder wife has special dietary needs.
  • Son who wanted prepared meals for his dad because he was concerned about his dad eating too much processed food or not eating at all.

Most just love the idea of coming home to affordable, healthy, great tasting meals–without all the fuss.

Is a personal chef expensive?

Many people have the perception that hiring a personal chef is expensive. But you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost when you consider all the time you will save by not shopping and cooking, not to mention the money you save by not throwing out unused ingredients and leftovers, not eating out, or ordering take out.  One client kept my service even though her husband was in between jobs. They saved money by not eating at restaurants. 

How does it work

There is an initial one hour consultation in your kitchen with the chef to review your likes, dislikes, dietary needs, preferences and concerns.

  • The chef will create a menu for you based on your specifications and together you will decide on a cooking date.
  • The day of the cooking date, the chef will purchase fresh ingredients and bring them to your home, along with her own cooking equipment as needed.
  • The chef will prepare your menu in your kitchen- whether you are home or not is up to you. She will leave your refrigerator and freezer filled with fantastic meals with easy-to-follow reheating instructions and will leave your kitchen sparkling clean.

Ready for your own personally prepared meals?

Call me at (781) 878-9700 – After answering just a few questions, I can give you an estimate of what the service would cost and what it includes.

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It’s wonderful to come home after a long day to the fabulous kitchen aromas. I love to cook, but just don’t have the time. Having Darlene prepare our meals is just like having a fairy godmother!

Beth H., Norwell, MA