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Darlene J. CalcagnoDarlene, Darlene Calcagno, Cuisine by Darlene

Darlene is a gourmet cook with over 25 years of experience and is certified by the United States Personal Chef Association.  She taught cooking classes in Hanover, “Dinner Talk,” in conjunction with a nutritionist. Darlene is constantly uncovering food trends and seeking new dishes to offer clients.  She is passionate about health, wellness & nutrition.

How Cuisine by Darlene began

After getting her Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Wisconsin, she relocated to Boston and became the Director of Human Resources at a Boston area health care company.  Her busy professional life left little time for preparing healthy meals, and then she became a mom, which has it’s own set of responsibilities.  Darlene knows the value of a healthy diet and founded her personal chef service to help other busy professionals and families to eat nutritious food at home.  She takes the stress and strain out of mealtime by offering restaurant quality meals at an affordable price.

What separates Darlene from others is her longevity in the business, and that she is someone who “walks the talk.”  She is firmly committed to a healthy lifestyle and puts that principle into practice as a triathlete.  She has participated in over 60 triathlons for the past 18 summers.  She also serves on the Board of directors of the Bay State Triathlon team.

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We began using Cuisine by Darlene when our third child was born, and we are still using Darlene’s service 9 years later. It has made dinnertime a breeze for our busy family.

It is wonderful to come home after a long day and have a healthy meal that can be ready in minutes.  She comes to cook at our house once per month and I enjoy coordinating the selections with her.  The house smells fabulous when she leaves.

Elizabeth R., Wellesley