Whole Foods-Hingham – Service with a Smile

Whole Foods-Hingham - Service with a SmileWhole Foods-Hingham is my favorite place to shop for the custom prepared meals I make for my clients who value top quality produce, seafood and meat.  You can find some organic products at regular grocery stores these days, but at Whole Foods, all parsley will be organic, scallions are organic and their packaged products don’t have the additives, corn syrup and chemicals other grocery brands have.

Whole Foods also has the most cheerful, helpful employees who are only too happy to accommodate you.  The produce staff willingly look out back to see if they have a fresh supply of a particular vegetable not on the shelf, or the seafood department will pick out the bones for you in the wild salmon. I just hand the meat department a specific list of what I need and come back 10 minutes later, and it’s all set to go; just exactly what I want.

Interspersed around Whole Foods-Hingham and other Whole Foods, you will see pictures of staff members in playful poses displayed around the store.  I asked and found out that staff members are encouraged to “offer” to be photographed.  I thought, why not “offer” to have a picture taken with my favorite departments, seafood, meat and produce.  The store manager, Buck, was only too happy to accommodate my request, and we decided to have photos taken with the seafood department and the meat department. Service with sincere smiles.